Name: Bad Homburg Open

WTA International Event

Date: 20. – 26.06.2021

The premiere of the Bad Homburg Open at the beginning of summer is an official lawn preparation tournament for Wimbledon.

Venue: TC Bad Homburg

The tennis court in Bad Homburg’s Kurpark (spa park) offers a perfect setting for the demanding lawn tournament. Drawing on expertise from Wimbledon, comparable lawn conditions will be created here.

Prize money: 235,238 US dollars 

With all their passion, they fight for every point and strive for victory – which includes a six-figure sum awarded as prize money.

Participants: 32 players (singles), 16 pairs (doubles)

The women’s tennis elite will meet here and compete in this new tournament. At the same time, this sporting event offers the players a final “dress rehearsal” prior to the Grand Slam in Wimbledon.

Angelique Kerber has confirmed her participation and is already thrilled about the additional date in her tournament calendar.

Capacity: 4,000 spectators

From the grandstands of Centre Court, 3,500 spectators can follow the exciting matches, with the best view of the players in action. In addition, business seats and VIP boxes are available – ideal for a shared experience with business partners or friends.

In addition, the lawn next to the Kaiser-Wilhelms-Bad (Emperor Wilhelm Bath) is used for Match Courts 1 and 2. Here, 250 spectators can watch the action. And on the grounds of the Homburg gymnastics community, 3 training courses are currently being built for the players.