The Bad Homburg Open has secured a strong partner for the future: SOLARWATT is now the presenting partner of the grass court tournament. The fourth edition of the tournament will take place in the Kurpark from June 22 to 29, 2024. 

The start of a sustainable future – top performance and innovation 

“As a pioneer in solar energy and photovoltaics, SOLARWATT is the perfect partner to tackle the challenges of planning and implementing a sustainable event”, according to tournament director Aljoscha Thron. The mission is to shape the future together towards a better tomorrow.  

As part of the Bad Homburg Open powered by SOLARWATT, innovative solutions will be used to reach the next level of sustainability. In the upcoming years, photovoltaic modules installed on the course will enhance energy efficiency during the tournament week.   

Along with our new presenting partner SOLARWATT, we are excitedly anticipating many energy-filled matches, sunny tournament days, and a festive summer atmosphere with a touch of Wimbledon in the Kurpark. 


Interview with SOLARWATT CEO Detlef Neuhaus

“Energy, performance, power. We are both pioneers”.   

“Mr. Neuhaus, we are delighted to welcome SOLARWATT as the new Presenting Partner of the Bad Homburg Open. What do you think

SOLARWATT-CEO Detlef Neuhaus

makes this “perfect match” so attractive?”

“Energy, performance, power – that applies to the Bad Homburg Open as well as to SOLARWATT. So, it really is a perfect match. We are both internationally oriented and yet rooted at home and close to the people. The Bad Homburg Open as a public tournament and festival, SOLARWATT with solar solutions – especially for homes and businesses. We are both pioneers. Bad Homburg has the oldest tennis club in Germany, and Solarwatt has over 30 years of experience as a pioneer in the photovoltaic industry.” 

Improving the little things to get a little better every day! 

“Power, performance, precision, and energy are all essential qualities in both the solar industry and professional tennis. Do you see any other parallels?“

“Absolutely! All these attributes have been the driving force and quality standards of Solarwatt for many years. Perseverance and grit are also essential, not just in the game itself, but during the years of training. In sports, as with us, success comes from working on the little things to improve every day.” 

Bad Homburg: Special flair and beautiful city 

“In recent years, players and spectators have raved about the Wimbledon flair and the special atmosphere in Bad Homburg’s Kurpark. What is the fascination of lawn tennis for you?”

” I enjoy participating in sports. In the past, I have practiced martial arts and climbing, among other activities. Top physical performance combined with maximum concentration, all while being outdoors. I see a lot of parallels with tennis. We at SOLARWATT and I personally have a very special relationship with Bad Homburg through our main investor, Mr. Quandt. I appreciate the special flair of this beautiful city.” 

Cooperation with the Bad Homburg Open as a great opportunity and attraction 

“With SOLARWATT as the new Presenting Partner, the fourth edition of the tournament promises to be even more exceptional. Please give us three reasons why you can hardly wait for the start of the event in June 2024!”

“At SOLARWATT, 2024 marks a new beginning as the sole sector coupler for homeowners in Germany. Our complete system offers affordable solar power from your own roof, environmentally friendly mobility, and a reliable heating supply from a single source. We have effective solutions to meet the need. Although they may not be cheap or quick, they are serious. To increase the recognition of the SOLARWATT brand, we will launch an image campaign throughout Germany. Cooperating with the Bad Homburg Open presents a unique opportunity.” 

Climate-friendly and future-proof: experience already available in sports 

“Do you already have experience in the sports industry?”

” We have helped many players position themselves in a climate-friendly and future-oriented manner. We are also active in the sports sector, including the Olympic Stadium in Berlin and VfL Bochum. In the Netherlands, we have been working with the Metec cycling team for years. This new partnership with the Bad Homburg Open is very exciting for us. The event in the Kurpark also fits perfectly with the opening of our new SOLARWATT location in Frankfurt.” 

Supporting the tournament on its way to becoming a “green” event 

“Your company’s motto and claim is ‘Together for a better tomorrow.’ How will you showcase your company as a partner in the Kurpark next summer? What can visitors expect?” 

“For instance, we will showcase our environmentally friendly energy products during the Bad Homburg Open to support its transition to a ‘green’ event. During the tournament, we will demonstrate our products in practical use and offer background knowledge and specific advice to all visitors. It’s important to discuss and calculate the individual needs of each PV system. Our goal is to combine aesthetics with premium solutions for homeowners.”


Facts about the partner: 

SOLARWATT – Pioneer of the solar industry 

Founded in 1993, Solarwatt GmbH is one of Germany’s solar pioneers and a trailblazer for efficient self-supply with solar power, sustainable heat and electromobility. The company provides holistic solutions for home and business owners, including photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, and e-car charging solutions. Solarwatt manages the entire process from component production to PV system installation, support, and maintenance at several hundred locations throughout Germany.