Tennis has a very long history in the Lynggaard Family. Founder Ole, who started his fine jewellery business in 1963, is a passionate tennis player and still practices twice a week. His son and CEO of the Copenhagen-based family business Søren, is one of his favorite tennis opponents, so they regularly break their office routines for a little match. No wonder, Søren Lynggaard, a motivated sportsman himself, who is also very much into skiing and kite surfing, always dreamt of a dynamic partnership in the field of tennis – a sport equally elegant to the beautiful jewellery designs of his father Ole and sister Charlotte Lynggaard.

In 2019, the perfect match came up and OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN signed its first official ambassador contract with tennis star Angelique Kerber. Shared values such as passion, joy of life and playfulness created an instant connection between the grand slam champion and the Danish family business. Supporting the WTA women’s tennis tournament in Germany therefore was a natural next step within this partnership.

The Lynggaard family strongly believes in the concept of setting up a boutique tournament in one of their strongest markets. OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN therefore happily reveals to be present with their first pop-up store in Germany and invites all guests to experience the fine jewellery brand in Bad Homburg.



Interview with Søren Lynggaard, CEO Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen


How did it feel to play tennis with Angie on lawn at our opening event and what do you think about Bad Homburg?

It was my first time playing tennis on a grass court, in a beautiful setting, and in the company of a Grand Slam champion – of course it was a truly unique experience.


What are the parallels between playing tennis and your daily business life?

Always keeping the focus.


How do OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN and Tennis match?

Through values like passion, joy of life and playfulness. I consider all three highly present in tennis and is also something that we incorporate in our daily operations in the company.


What is the fascination of tennis for you?

Personally, it has created an important bond between my father and I, and it is also a great way to spend time with friends and family on a regular basis.


You have already played with Angie – is there anyone else you would love to playwith? Who is it and why?

Maybe one of our Danish tennis players – Caroline Wozniacki or shooting star, Clara Tauson.


What are you looking forward to the most in this partnership?

To explore exiting new paths for the brand, to strengthen it and to create awareness through German sports icons.


What is the story behind the elephant that Angie is wearing?

In 1991, our whole family went on safari in Tanzania to celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary of my parents. My father surprised my mother with his very first elephant design as a present on this occasion. Developing various elephant designs over the years, he was proud to introduce the collection of naturalistic elephant pendants at his 80th anniversary in 2016. With its kind appearance and natural curviness, the elephant collection has won the hearts of women – and men – across the globe. The collection has proven its worth as a true brand icon, so we are very proud to see Angie as our ambassador wearing it as her lucky charm. The epitome of loyalty, strength, and courage, the elephant possesses all the qualities my father ever wanted represented in his brand.


What can the players look forward to?

The first and second prize is a piece of jewellery from OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN, which we are very much looking forward to presenting. Overall, this is a very exciting project!